The holiday season seems to bring up the warmth and connection that makes life here on Hilton Head Island special. We learned long ago how much we depend on each other here, and now and then we get a reminder of one kind or another.

Part of this Christmas spirit is reflecting on the gifts life has brought us through the years. For Mary Ann and me that includes the relationships that our work has brought our way, and how they continue to ripple out, in our business lives as well as personally. Many of the families we’ve built homes for remain friends, and some of the resources we’ve grown to rely on are time-honored, too. Vintage, you might say.

And we are thankful for our family. While our son Josh took a path from growing up here on Hilton Head Island that none of us could have predicted, it is one we can all give thanks for.

Josh was headed for law school when a summer in California put him on the ground floor of a tech business. While there, he learned about wine-making. It became his hobby, then his career and he created a label that prospered for more than a decade. The experience put him in a position to take the wheel of an even bigger brand.

Today Josh is a respected winemaker in Napa Valley, and recently purchased the Elyse Winery. (We want to thank our friends at the Hilton Head Sun for sharing Josh’s story in their December issue. Read it here.)

Sure, Mary Ann and I still wish Josh lived right down the street, but the rewards of following your dream, I guess, are as unpredictable as they are rich.

If your dream includes a home in this beautiful Carolina Lowcountry, then let us help make that dream a reality. Mary Ann and I have always welcomed another chance to help someone make a home out of their dreams. After 40+ years in the business, we still work hard to live up to our motto: “We Make Building a Pleasure.”