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Hilton Head Island’s Leading Commercial Renovation Contractor

As one of Hilton Head Island’s longest-standing commercial renovation contractors, Tom Peeples Builder engages in a wide variety of commercial construction, both new and renovation. As a South Carolina Unlimited General Contractor license holder, we have the experience and capability to handle everything from small office space build-out through multi-million dollar commercial projects. Our resume includes redevelopment of bank, hotel, and office space, as well as restaurants and churches.

Tom Peeples is the best home builder on Hilton Head Island

Selecting a Hilton Head Commercial Renovation Contractor

One of the most important steps in effectively managing a commercial renovation project is knowing how to select a Hilton Head Island contractor for your project. Choosing the right commercial renovation contractor can ensure that the entire process is smooth, efficient, and as stress-free as possible – and that your project turns out as planned. To help you select the right Hilton Head Island commercial renovation contractor, we’re giving you answers to the questions we are asked the most. Just click a toggle button to learn more.

A commercial renovation contractor – or simply a commercial contractor – is a professional who specializes in the construction of commercial buildings. This means that they work on things such office complexes, retail sites, restaurant build outs, and more. While Hilton Head commercial renovation contractors might not build houses, as is the case of Tom Peeples Builder, they can.

There are quite a few commercial renovation contractors on Hilton Head Island and the surrounding area. The best commercial renovation contractors are experienced working with a wide range of projects. They have a good reputation with former clients, and they excel at communications, using technology, and finishing projects. Of course, commercial renovation contractors are licensed, know Hilton Head Island commercial building regulations, and have solid credentials.

Residential and commercial contractors have different licenses and skills. Before you seek out a commercial renovation contractor, make sure that you choose one who has the right qualifications for you. Tom Peeples Builder is licensed for both residential and commercial construction, and we have skills in both areas. To do a commercial construction project legally, a contractor must be properly licensing. As such, ask to see that they are licensed properly – and check to make sure that they have the proper insurance; this applies to subcontractors your commercial renovation contractor engages, too.

In addition to doing all of the manual work of commercial build-outs, your commercial renovation contractor may need to do more things for you, such as file for permits, purchase construction supplies, make sure all zoning laws are complied with, and more. Before you select a Hilton Head commercial renovation contractor, ask your potential contractor what they’re willing to do. If you are going to manage a commercial construction process, one of the most important steps is choosing the right contractor. By doing some research into a potential contractor’s qualifications and ensuring your commercial renovation contractor is a good match, you can experience a construction project that is both enjoyable during the build and after.


Building Inspiring Spaces

You can see many of the reasons – including more than 400 homes and some of the buildings that give Hilton Head Island its unique character – that will make you feel comfortable talking to Tom Peeples about your commercial renovation project. Other reasons are harder to see, but are every bit as real. They are the relationships Tom has built over 35 years doing business on Hilton Head Island.