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Hilton Head Island’s Leading Residential Renovation Contractor Company

Although Hilton Head Island has a number of well-respected residential contractor companies to consider for your next renovation, the Peeples name stands out as one of only a handful who have offered such impeccable quality, so consistently, for so long. This rare reputation for excellence has been earned through more than 30 years of experience building new homes and remodeling in the South Carolina lowcountry.

Tom Peeples is the best home builder on Hilton Head Island

Choosing a Residential Renovation Contractor

One of the most important decisions in the residential renovation process is choosing which Hilton Head Island contractor company to work with. By answering these nine questions, you will make a better decision.

A good place to start when considering a Hilton Head Island company as your residential renovation contractor is their professional standing. Check their professional reputation. You can also check their standing with the Better Business Bureau.  This simple first step is a way to narrow your choices.  Because the cost of entry is so low for remodeling contractors, there will be lots of fly-by-night, low-bid options.

Tom Peeples Builder is one of the most reputable residential renovation contractors on Hilton Head Island, and the company is a four-time Builder of the Year in the Hilton Head Area Home Builders Association. In addition, Tom Peeples Builder has been named a “Top 500 Remodeler” nationally by Qualified Remodeler Magazine every year since 1993. Tom Peeples Builder was also awarded Business of the Year by the Hilton Head Rotary Club in 1993 and Tom was recognized by the state of South Carolina with its highest civilian honor, the Order of the Palmetto, in 2011.

What do past clients say about the Hilton Head Island company you are considering as your residential renovation contractor? Is the contractor frequently recommended? Invested in the community in a way that demands integrity?

For Tom Peeples Builder, the answers to those questions is, “Yes.”

As Tom has made his mark for quality and professionalism, Tom’s own character has shown through and the residents of Hilton Head Island chose him to be their mayor for 15 years.

Tom’s service to the public has rounded out relationships with bankers, suppliers, Realtors, and friends from every walk of life. Those relationships have proven to add stability and wholeness to the business through generations of progress here.

The top complaint about remodeling is the dust and mess that most homeowners have to live with. Ask your potential residential renovation contractor how the company deals with dust when they are installing drywall in your Hilton Head Island home. How will they deal with construction debris? Will it be left in a pile on your front lawn or do they have a means of quickly getting it off-site?  A quality contractor will have clear routines for these basic issues of remodeling and, without hesitation, be able to provide detailed and reassuring answers.

It is essential that any Hilton Head Island company or contractor you hire for your residential renovation project has the necessary insurance to protect your home investment. This includes general liability and workers’ liability insurance. Ask to see their policies and call their carriers to verify.

How long has the contractor been in business? Unfortunately, a great deal of necessary learning comes from trial and error. You do not want your home to be the classroom for a young or inexperienced contractor. Tom Peeples Builder has been building and renovating Hilton Head Island homes for more than three decades, which is all the more reason why we are a good choice for your project.

Communication is the key to having a good relationship with your Hilton Head Island residential renovation contractor. They company should have well-established routines for regular (daily and weekly) communication with you. In addition, it is important that you are comfortable communicating with your contractor, which includes being comfortable telling the contractor if you are not happy with something that has happened or not happened. You must have confidence that your residential renovation contractor will listen to you and act on what they hear.

The average home has more than 2,000 different parts. Most of these parts have hundreds, if not thousands of different options. These options continue to expand and improve.  Despite this explosion of new information, many in the construction industry are slow to accept change. Try to hire a company that has a culture of learning. Experience alone is not enough.

Many Hilton Head Island residential renovation contractors use subcontractors extensively, while others use almost all in-house labor. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Ask your potential contractor what work will be done by subcontractors and what will be done by their own employees. Ask to speak to a few of these people. You want to make sure that there is a sense of a team and that the team is happy.

The difference between residential remodeling and all other forms of construction is that remodeling is not done on a job site; it is done in a home. In addition, there is a good chance you will be occupying that home. Not all Hilton Head Island residential renovation contractor companies understand this distinction. Your home is your sanctuary. Be careful who you allow in.


Building Inspiring Spaces

You can see many of the reasons – including more than 400 homes and some of the buildings that give Hilton Head Island its unique character – that will make you feel comfortable talking to Tom Peeples about building or remodeling your home. Other reasons are harder to see, but are every bit as real. They are the relationships Tom has built over 35 years doing business on Hilton Head Island.