Travel & Leisure Magazine has named Hilton Head Island the number-one island of North America for still another year. We’re glad but not surprised. The balance of nature and development, of climate and activities and so forth promise to put Hilton Head Island at the top of any list of vacation destinations.

What’s more interesting to us is what Forbes just said. In their article titled “Five Emerging Markets for Luxury Real Estate in North America,” Forbes indicated that the better than brisk real estate market we’re enjoying – $3.85 Billion last year – is because of Hilton Head Island’s drawing power as a permanent home.

The article says now that digital tools make it possible for professionals and executives to work from home for long stretches, rather than commute to an office, more and more people are making their homes where they used to vacation, and not waiting till retirement to do it. This gives a whole new reason for the value of a home on what keeps getting called “America’s favorite island.”

For more than 40 years Mary Ann and I have taken part in this story, and we’d be glad for another chance to help someone make their dreams into a home here. The relationships we’ve built here help us build homes better, too, with faithful suppliers and associates.

So, if you’ve been thinking about building or improving, give us a call at 843-681-2600 and let’s talk over what you’d like to do. We can coordinate design services to turn your ideas into blueprints, or we’re happy to work with your architect. Be sure to check out our website at where you’ll find lots of ideas of how we can help you make that dream home a reality.

Our experience is in offering folks the finest in craftsmanship, service, and integrity. We still work hard to live up to our motto: “We Make Building a Pleasure.”