Merry Christmas from Tom Peeples Builder


Merry Christmas from Tom Peeples Builder

Lynne Hummell, editor of the Hilton Head and Bluffton Sun, recently wrote about the new kind of landscape – and light – we see all over the Lowcountry now that the storm has passed.

“Though I’m glad our local iconic trees – the Liberty Oak at Harbour Town and the Secession Oak in Bluffton – weathered the storm, I am pained by those regular, normal, everyday oaks and pines and sycamores that didn’t make it,” she said in her column last month.

“The sun shines a little differently on our world now.”

It’s true that in the absence of the lost trees, the light that comes to us is less filtered. It shines on the kind of community that we always felt we had here, and now we see it proven again. Neighbors helped neighbors in ways that were even more generous than we expected.

So this Christmas we see an old lesson in a new light. At the darkest times, we know that there is something warmer and brighter coming. The way people pitched in for each other after Matthew is just the latest way this lesson showed up.

Also at times like these, Mary Ann and I treasure the relationships we’ve been fortunate to earn through nearly 40 years of experience doing business here. With what we see around us now, we all have a lot to be grateful for.

All of us at Tom Peeples Builder wish you a joyful Christmas and good fortune in the new year.