Though we go out of our way to “buy local,” sourcing building materials from our region whenever we can, the reality is the cost of building materials overall is affected by foreign trade. That has meant some ups and downs over the past couple of years, mostly ups.

Truth is, there’s just no telling how long tariffs are going to drive up the cost of building materials, or by how much. Our National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) says the tariff on Chinese goods that started last fall included 450 items we use in home construction, about $10 billion worth. In February this year, the next round of tariffs was “delayed indefinitely,” but it looks like that may be only a matter of time, so it just adds uncertainty.

Still, the demand for homes here is strong and we’ve remained busy with both remodeling and new construction jobs. When Hilton Head Island shows up (for the fourth time in a row!) at the top of Travel & Leisure Magazine’s “World’s Best” list, it’s because the magazine’s readers said so. Topping the list has to do with the pleasures that make something like 40% of our visitors come back again.

But being named “World’s Best” year after year says something just as strong about our accessibility. Hilton Head Island has accomplished what one writer called “the Bermudian balance” of attracting enough people to be successful, but not so many as to spoil the experience. Which also makes it a wonderful place to live.

So, if you’ve been thinking about building or remodeling, the reasons to begin now are mounting up. Give us a call at 843-681-2600 and let’s talk over what you’d like to do – or visit our website, where you’ll find floor plans, videos and even a few client testimonials.

We’re happy to work with your architect, or we can coordinate design services to turn your ideas into blueprints. For more than 40 years – and counting! – Mary Ann and I have always welcomed the opportunity to help someone make a home out of their dreams, with the finest in craftsmanship, service, and integrity.

We still work hard to live up to our motto: “We Make Building a Pleasure.”